黑夜传说4》解说文案_“This is a new war, and it’s only the beginning…”—Future Prospects of “Underworld 5” background settings and characters


美国| 加拿大动作/奇幻/恐怖电影《黑夜传说4》,于2012年上映,由曼斯·马林德 比约恩·史坦导演,伦·怀斯曼 JohnHlavin 编剧,影片讲述了在塞琳娜昏迷的那十几年时间里,人类已经发现了这个世界上的吸血鬼和狼人的物种,并对它们施行了“大屠杀”的政策。在人类对吸血鬼和狼人斩尽杀绝的同时,还有一个秘密组织利用生物技术和对狼人的研究,创造出来了一个新物种:超级狼人。它有着不可比拟的力量、速度、体积和杀伤力。无论是对于什么物种来说,这都是一个潜在的威胁。  苏醒过来的塞琳娜发现这个世界已经不同于前,为了活下去,她只能拿起武器为自己的性命搏斗。此时,她发现了自己有一个15岁的女儿伊薇。她是狼人和吸血鬼的混血儿,她的存在对于找到超级狼人的弱点很有帮助。可是妮莎却被人类锁在一个研究所内,为了种族的生存、为了自己的女儿,塞琳娜又一次踏上了腥风血雨的征途。。
“This is a new war, and it’s only the beginning…”—Future Prospects of “Underworld 5” background settings and charactersPreviously on the series:The world is different now. Humans are aware of vampire and lycan’s existence, and have massacred both species to the verge of extinction. But things didn’t turn out to be as they had seemed, as a dark conspiracy was revealed in the crescendo of “Underworld: Awakening”. In the end, Jacob Lane and his son Quint were destroyed.A new legend, “Underworld 5”, will continue with where the last tale left off:After the old enemies fall, new ones are bound to come to power. There must be a lot more lycans still, hidden in large entities like Antigen, lurking within human society as high officials, like those who appeared at Jacob Lane’s meeting, discussing plans of inoculation.The world is actually taken over by lycans. And to keep it that way the ferocious creatures will do whatever it takes, looking for further means of evolution by trying to finish what Jacob Lane and his son Quint started. Just like Selene narrated, “The lycans will regroup, and will hunt for her father (Michael) as they did for her (Eve)…”“But as they grow stronger, so will we.”While the lycans could manufacture vaccines to enhance themselves, perhaps in the new story, the vampires could do the same by synthesizing the serum that allows them to survive sunlight with the help of Selene and Eve’s blood? Maybe? “Get Olivia at once!”Something is for sure. In the following sequel, the story will definitely concentrate on Selene and Eve looking for Michael, her lover and the girl’s father. And during the journey, they are bound to face a lot of new vicious lycan enemies that will arise. Characters:David, the brave vampire warrior, will surely join the heroines in the battle. He might make a great companion for them, especially for Eve.Detective Sebastian, the human who aided Selene, is likely to return. At the end of “Underworld: Awakening”, he said, “Selene. You should go. I’ll send them on a different path, buy you some time.” The guy will probably continue to help Selene fight against the lycans, thus putting himself in danger. He had always had suspicions—“Just a feeling”— that lycans still existed after the cleansing. Now he’s known a lot more truth about Antigen, and what Jacob Lane were up to. Once the other lycans figure out what is on his mind, they will surely take steps to silence the detective, just like they did to a friend of his found assassinated. Besides, as a human being, the man is no match for vampires or lycans, and cannot be safe for long. His best chance of survival against the lycans would be Selene turning him into a vampire. It would also be great if he makes it to the last as a human.Thomas, the new coven’s vampire elder, David’s father, who has prudently insisted that they should run and hide for fear of extinction, will very possibly show up again. Being a coward, he will sooner or later be doomed in the war that is going on, either by humans or by lycans. Just like David said, “If we continue to live as we do now, then we disgrace the past and do not deserve a future.” However, after the event of “Underworld: Awakening”, being reminded of a time when the vampires “could defend themselves with fire and steel…”, the vampire elder will most probably rise, stand and fight, as Selene narrated, “The vampire coven will not only survive this world. We will reclaim it.” Eve, “the only hybrid child that has ever existed”, who possesses the greatest potential, will use her telepathic connection with her parents to try to locate her father, and through the process she will encounter threat and danger, and will probably change her white laboratory clothing into a tight black warrior outfit, just like her mother, fiercely battle in the bloodstorm that is coming, and maybe fall in love…And, Michael, an important one. In the following storyline, there should be a lot of things to tell about the missing hybrid father who is unaware of having a daughter, about how he’s going to face the new world of danger and fight against the lycans that will try to hunt for him, how he’s going to react when he reunites with Selene and realizes everything that has happened, and how the magnificent family of three will make their journey to the ultimate freedom.As for Selene, the moon goddess herself, she will, always and forever, be the rose blooming in the darkness of the night.



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